Thursday, October 08, 2015
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The 308 Precision Bipod is an impressive bit of engineering for the F/TR Class shooter.  Custom crafted mostly by hand from the finest aluminium, its ultra wide footprint ensures stability and accuracy while its specialist design allows for more fine tuning than any other product on the market.  Weighing just 32oz, it is every bit as light as the closest competition but with major advantages in both its unique fine tuning and height adjustment mechanisms, all of which combine to give you a solid, stable, accurate bipod that will drive your ability to be as competitive as you can be.  Out of the top 5 shooters in the 2011 Irish Open, 4 of them (including 2011 champion Leigh Malcomson) were shooting with a 308 Precision Bipod.  Oh, and its 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Northern Ireland.

The next generation of precision is here...